RF Design Services

RF technology is key to many aspects of electronics these days. With many systems from cellular to other wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, WiMAX, RFID, TV, Radio, Microwave and many other systems using RF signals. All these systems require the use of radio frequency technology in one form or another.


Our Services

Our multi-talented team of Wireless Telecommunications System Engineers combined with our tools can help meet your company’s growing need for high-level RF engineering expertise. Our comprehensive background and diverse skills can design and analyze RF sites for cellular, PCS, AWS, Public Safety (700MHz) and Broadband Wireless Technologies.

Coverage Analysis

Comprehensive study of the market, coverage area, coverage holes and recommendations to possible coverage problems

Capacity Analysis

Capacity planning, cell blocking analysis, traffic projections, busy hour parameters

Network Design

Network site design on where to place sites based on marketing strategies, traffic projections, market penetration, calling pattern, busy hour, etc. review, study and preparation of the site candidates on a map to be sent to site acquisition people.

Interference Analysis

Research, study and recommendations of existing interference in the market. Interference can be adjacent channel, co-channel, inter-modulation products, etc.

Link-Budget Analysis

Link-budget formulation verifies the system parameters, computes the power required in the base station and balances the path between the base station and the mobile unit.

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