DAS & Small Cells

We specialize in RF design, installation and optimization of In-Building DAS solutions using a highly qualified team of RF Engineers who understand the customer’s needs to the core.

Our objective is to develop designs that involve sophisticated strategies to deliver high performance and low cost in-building networks. We are committed to produce designs that can be quickly implemented, upgraded and modified to meet our customers’ requirements.

Certified iBwave Experts

AmeriCloud iBwave Certified Engineers designed DAS network of various sizes. Our work includes designing DAS for Office buildings, Stadiums, Parks, Hospitals, Hotels, Casinos, Airports, Subway transit systems and Convention centers. We have ibwave licenses that enables its engineers to quickly design In-building DAS solutions for different types of venues. Our engineers have provided designs for over 200 buildings across USA.



We are fully equipped with the latest technologies that facilitate rapid development of DAS products with all the necessary licenses and certified engineers who have the experience to exploit the technology to its maximum capabilities.

We have TEMS and JDSU walk-test tools that are key in enabling our technicians to provide quick walk-test data for in-building and DAS solutions. We have WindCatcher post-processing tool that can provide reports as per the ASG requirements.


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