Professional Services

For major telecom service providers, AmeriCloud’s professional services team supports the Design, Deployment, Launch and Optimization of DAS Venues across the country. Additionally the team monitors real time high profile events throughout the year which includes but not limited to Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Formula 1 Car Races, NCAA Finals, CTIA, key Major League games. The team also gets engaged in analyzing the performance at above events and performs parameter audits and KPI analysis to understand how performance may be improved at various DAS Venues.

AmeriCloud has a team of very skilled and highly experienced Optimization engineers who are the best in the industry and extremely familiar with ALU and Ericsson NodeB equipment and parameters can perform these critical tasks that directly affect end user experience of the wireless services.

Projects & Support Services

  • Review DAS Designs and identify improvements
  • Perform DAS Optimization
    • Perform Audits and implement Gold Standard parameters & Hi-Capacity recommendations
    • Review Walk Test Data and Performance Reports
    • Recommend Layer Management for Performance improvement
    • Optimize High Capacity Venues for maximum traffic handling and Performance
    • Work with MASG Engineers for improving Venue Performance
    • Interface with Market Engineers, assist with Venue Approval and Acceptance
  • Real Time KPI Monitoring of Venues during Games/Events
    • Create Venue KPI Reports and share with Market Engineering team and management teams
    • Perform parameter changes thru OSS/WMS/SAM and identify the impact on venue performance thru real time KPIs monitoring
  • Performance Improvement: Perform deep dive of venue KPIs and identify improvements required to enhance venue performance for future games/events.
  • Engage with DAS Venue Design Activity to review each design the market seeks input on and provide enhancement ideas.
  • Engage with DAS projects and support through launch.
  • Monitor the Performance of venues assigned by the market teams real time during games/events and make parameter changes to improve End-User Experience.
  • Generate Reports following such events
  • Analyze the performance of DAS venues assigned and provide suggestions in terms of design and/or parameter changes to improve KPIs.
  • Develop effective processes for each of the above tasks as part of standardization and share with vendors and market engineering teams.
  • Help in-source the event monitoring and optimization business to bring cost down.
  • Complete all Deliverables in accordance with client requirements.
  • Interfaces must contain compatibility among system components in the operational environment.
  • Provide Timely response to open issues, defects, and action items as raised by clients.
  • Deliver documentation as required by clients.

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